The Curve Ahead - Episode 4 "Attention To Detail"

We get our best glimpses yet of Kia's new vehicle in Episode 4 of "The Curve Ahead." Titled "Attention to Detail," the video features close up shots of the car set to gentle music. A headlight, side view mirror, a sunroof leading inside to get a peak of the interior. It's just enough to keep us wanting more! We're only a few days from the end of the countdown.

Here's the latest description from Kia:

The curve ahead represents unchartered territory, or a journey into the unknown. As an exciting new paradigm of performance beckons, it’s Kia’s attention to daring design detail that makes the journey more alluring. “This new vehicle is going to fundamentally change the global image of Kia. It will revolutionize the way people think about the brand and propel us upwards into a different era. You cannot believe how excited I am about this car.” - Peter Schreyer, President & Chief Design Officer - Kia Motors Corporation

If you're behind the curve, (pardon the pun), click here for Episodes One and Two and Three. For more information, visit

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