2016 Kia Soul - Smail Ride Along - Virtual Test Drive

Go for a test drive in a 2016 Kia Soul with Smail sales consultant Corey Heider.
While Corey drives around Greensburg, you'll get to see some of the Kia Soul features in action, and you'll hear more information as he describes some of the features while we get a close up view with the video.
"You have plenty of cabin space in here," Corey says. "Very, very sporty feel on the road. I mean, it just hugs the turns."
Corey shows off the dashboard and display, which plays your music, apps and media while also doubling as the review camera. Corey gives you a demonstration of the review camera as he expertly backs into a parking space.
This Kia Soul comes with an 8 speaker Infinity Sound System with external subwoofer, and flashy red stitching on the seats and steering wheel for a nice sport look. "It's definitely a conversation starter," says Corey.
One touch windows, heated seats, navigation system, Bluetooth. It also has safety features like air bags with UVO service, traction control, stability management, and anti-lock brakes.
The Sould has fold-down back seats that provides plenty of cargo space. "It's the Swiss Army Knife of Vehicles," boasts Corey. "It does everything you'd ever need it to."
"The 2016 Kia Soul is the perfect in-town vehicle. It has a very tight, nimble turning radius, amazing mouse-like handling, and a whisper quiet cabin," Corey explains.
In addition to seeing some of the steering wheel controls up close, Corey also reviews the sound system. The speaker rings are a cool feature, they glow and change color to the pulse of the music.
You can clearly see Corey's excitement as he punches the gas and revs up the engine. "Look at that quick, responsive acceleration in the Kia Soul," he proudly states. "If you're looking for a fun, sporty, exciting vehicle that gets amazing gas mileage, it looks like you've found it here in the 2016 Kia Soul."