Mysterious Countdown: The Curve Ahead - Episodes 1 & 2

Sleek Sophistication. Head-Turning Design. Heart-Pounding Performance.

Kia is teasing a big announcement with a campaign called "The Curve Ahead." There is a countdown on a website, along with this mysterious message: "For curious minds, the curve ahead is all about potential, as a new paradigm of performance beckons in the distance. Join us here for the official countdown to the world premiere and find out what awaits through the curve ahead."

It also appears that they will be releasing video hints as 6:00 pm on January 8th, 2017 draws closer. The latest hypes acceleration and speed, "0-to-100 kph. A benchmark for any car operating on a higher level of performance, and the number that enthusiasts look for first. The fastest-accelerating Kia to date represents a new paradigm of performance, its heart-pounding power encouraging you to grip the wheel a little more tightly."

What will be the big announcement? Stay tuned to for updates, and keep checking back to

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